Light your World with 12 volt rope lights

12 volt rope lights

12 volt rope lights

Your home or workplace can be made brighter and colourful with the use of rope lights. These come in 12v, 24v and 120v types. On one hand, the 120v rope lights option uses standard voltage or line-voltage of 110/120v. On the other hand, the 12v/24v variety converts and reduces, using a transformer, this standard voltage to 12v/24v.

12 volt rope lights Features

12 volt rope lights, using LEDs (light emitting diodes) in succession encased in a PVC tube, has gained popularity for its brightness and energy saving features. For users looking for low power consumption, the 12 volt rope lights low voltage addresses product overheating experienced with traditional incandescent bulbs. A more significant advantage of using LED light versus incandescent bulbs is its contribution to an environment-friendly world, reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to less power usage.

Other appealing features include long lifespan to up to 30,000 hours, safe and easy set-up design as well as product availability in different sizes (1/2 and 3/8 and colours (green, blue, yellow, red, pink, purple) that continue to make the 12 volt rope lights a commercially viable product in the decorative lighting market today.

Sold in rope spools (online, in hardware or hobby stores), the product can be cut and fused to your desired length. For trouble-free installation, accessories for 12 volt rope lights are also available to include controllers, plug-in cords and power connectors, mounting clips, splice connectors and end caps.

Seeking the help of a licensed technician or electrician is recommended to ensure proper installation. Best use of the product would be within -10 to 40 degrees Celsius operating temperature.

12 volt rope lights Uses

At home, 12 volt rope lights are perfect for ornamental use. Bending easily, the product can be utilized to create colourful forms or figures for different areas of the house.

For your kids rooms, create wall shapes of pink angels, yellow stars, blue boats at sea or multi-coloured baby names for your childrens viewing pleasure.

For the living and dining rooms, use 12 volt rope lights as accents in plants or when lighting furniture edges. For the kitchen, they may be used to brighten up and decorate this typically functional room. For the yard, use the product to light pathways or obstructions, in cove lighting and light fences or trees.

In the office or workplace, 12 volt rope lights can be bent to make directional signs, to line emergency exits, to frame windows or spell out product names.

12 volt rope lights are commonly used during Christmas season but can now be used widely or generally for many lighting needs. The product can be used on many different surfaces such as walls (cement or wood), glass, metal or plastic surfaces.

Product flexibility and its extensive applications make the 12 volt rope lights a must have for the creative mind.

Other uses include:

-They may be used for architectural or interior design accents to outline buildings, elevators and stairs.

-They may be used in bars to line tables and counters.

-They may be used by landscapers to highlight areas of interest.

-They may be used by marketers for indoor or outdoor signs.

-They may be used by artists to create bright, colourful art deco.

-They may be used by farmers can light their farms perimeter.

-They may be used by boat-owners to showcase their boats form for creatively beautiful night effect.

-They may be used by recreational vehicle owners to mark their roof, identifying and differentiating their mobile home from others

-They may be used by event organizers for event venue or stage accents.

-They may be used in amusement parks for thematic lighting (holiday forms, etc.)

All these and more can be done using 12 volt rope lights catering to different needs. The users imagination and creativity define the product  continued use and product popularity in the years to come.

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