The Advantages of Battery Operated Rope Lights

Battery operated rope lights

Battery operated rope lights

Battery operated rope lights are a way of brightening up areas where there is no easy access to an electrical outlet. In particular, they are ideal for outdoor use since the lights are sheathed in a PVC tube, protecting them from the elements, while the batteries are placed in a sealed battery box. They generally use AA batteries although some types of rope lights may use AAA depending on their required energy usage. Battery operated rope lightsare available in a variety of lengths and colors, depending on where they will be installed and for what occasion.

You should be aware, however, that battery operated rope lights have many restrictions because of the limited power supply. For example, the rope light can only be so long and have so many lights before it becomes impractical. These rope lights can only use LEDs since these bulbs use only a fraction of the energy consumed by incandescent lights. Rope lights with LED bulbs will consume only 10% of the energy that an incandescent rope light may use to produce the same amount of light. This also means that LED lights will last much longer than incandescent lights and thus, need to be replaced less frequently.

Features of Battery Operated Rope Lights

One of the most common features of battery operated rope lights is that they can be made to flash in particular ways using the light controller. For example, rope lights can be made to blink or the lights can be made to light up in sequence as if they are moving forward. These effects can greatly enhance the aesthetics of rope lights, making them seem more cheerful and animated rather than simply serving merely as illumination. Again, however, the kind of effects available is limited by the amount of battery power that can be generated.

Uses of Battery Operated Rope Lights

When you using battery operated rope lights, dont expect to be able to wrap long lengths of them around a pole. They are best used as accents; for example, during the Holiday season rope lights may be used to illuminate smaller Christmas trees that will be kept on a porch. They may also be used to line a railing so that a single line of light appears when they are turned on. And, of course, you can wrap the lights around your favorite statue of Santa Claus and his reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman.

Before Christmas, however, there Halloween to look forward to. Instead of putting a candle inside a carved pumpkin, which could be a potential fire hazard, why not use rope lights to illuminate a pumpkin. You dont even need to carve the pumpkin since the rope lights are flexible enough to form a face by shaping the rope and stapling it in place. Or if you have a statue of a monster, you can wrap rope lights around its hands or highlight its head like a creepy halo.

Where to Buy Battery Operated Rope Lights?

The best place to buy these rope lights is by going online and looking for websites that specialize in these types of lights. You can use battery operated rope lights as a search term in search engines. You can also try the more popular retail sites such as Amazon and eBay to see if they sell these types of rope lights. And, of course, you can try online classified ad sites if you want to save money by buying already-used rope lights. If you going this route, however, you should always pay using a credit card since you can dispute the charges if they battery operated rope lights that you buy turn out to be defective.

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