Tips on Using Rope Lights by the Foot

Rope Lights by the Foot

Rope Lights by the Foot

Rope lights by the foot provide you with the maximum flexibility in using these unique lights. You can use just the right length of rope light for the place where they will be used without any wasted surplus. For example, if you want to wrap rope lights around a pole, you can buy rope lights by the footto ensure that you have just enough to cover the pole without any excess dragging along the ground. If you using rope lights with your Christmas tree, you can also buy just enough to illuminate the tree without an extra length dangling behind it, creating an unsightly appearance.

Rope lights by the foot are sold in a variety of ways. For example, some rope lights are sold in pre-determined lengths (i.e. in three-foot pieces); you order as many pieces as you need and the vendor will put the rope light together for you. Rope lights by the foot may also be sold by the reel and come with the accessories that you need to get it to work, such as end caps, electrical plugs and connector units.

How to Cut Rope Lights by the Foot

If you buy rope lights by the foot you have to cut them very carefully, otherwise they will not work when you set them up. Many vendors who sell reels of rope lights will mark the places where it safe to cut them so they still light up. Make sure that you cut the rope lights cleanly without leaving ragged edges, which might accidentally cut you when you handle them. Ragged cuts also make it more difficult for you to attach the connector kit to make the lights work. You can cut the rope light using a pair of sharp scissors or (recommended) a PVC pipe cutter that will allow you to sever the rope light without having to make a lot of cuts. And dont forget to trim the copper wiring from the cut ends to ensure that the connector fits properly.

To connect the rope light to the connectors, start by placing an end-cap onto the opposite end from where the plug will be placed in order to seal it and prevent the wiring from getting damp, which may cause a short circuit. Then attach the connector kit to the other side using the vendors instructions. Again, make sure that the joints are tightly sealed; twisting the retainer rings tightly and using silicon glue to seal them if the rope light will be used outdoors.

To mount rope lights you can use mounting clips or a mounting rack, depending on where they will be placed. The clips can be attached to the required location using small screws while the rack can be placed using screws or adhesive. Once the mounting medium is in place, push the rope light into place. But make sure that the rope light is not in a covered area or a groove, since it may overheat.

Buying Rope Lights by the Foot

The best place to buy rope lights by the foot is online retail sites that specialize in these types of lights since you can take advantage of their expertise in advising you as to the right type of rope light for your particular needs. There are two types of rope lights. Standard rope lights by the foot are also known as steady-burn lights since they are always on. On the other hand, multi-wire rope lights by the foot are called hasing lights since they can generate a variety of light effects using a controller; rope lights are available in two, three and five-wire varieties with those that have more wires able to produce a greater number of effects.

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