Solar Rope Lights The New Way to Illuminate

Solar rope lights

Solar rope lights

The newest trend in rope lights are solar rope lights. If you have always loved the look of rope lights, but didnt want to spend a fortune on the long-lasting LED lights, or you do not have outlets near your driveway or path where you really like some lights, then solar rope lights could be the answer to all of your problems.

They do not drain or depend on any electricity from your home, and they do not need to be plugged in anywhere, also eliminating those ugly and bothersome extension cords. Instead, these solar rope lights rely on solar technology for their power.

Since these lights are wrapped in a protective plastic casing, there is no chance for any moisture to get in and damage the lights. They can stand up to a lot of harsh weather conditions, and will last you for many years to come, making their value well worth it.

Solar Rope Lights Benefits

  • Easy to install on your own
  • Uses no electricity
  • No wires or outlets needed
  • Weather resistant

Solar rope lights are cost efficient since they do not drain on your electricity from your home and rack up your electric bill. Since these run off the power of the sun instead of electricity, there are also no cords to trip over and no need to plug into an outlet, therefore making it easy for you to decorate anywhere outside your home that you wish.

They are also very easy to install because you do not need any special tools. They are ready to use, and all you need to do is to shape them how you want them and have the proper fasteners or stakes. Being weather resistant, these solar rope lights are perfect for any type of climate, as they can even withstand being buried in snow.

Where to Use Solar Rope Lights

  • Along a driveway or walkway
  • Around a pool
  • Wrapped in trees or bushes
  • Around an entry way

Solar rope lights are very versatile, as they are flexible and can be used in so many different ways. They work great to light up a driveway or pathway for decorative purposes as well as safety.

They also look fantastic around a pool area for those night swims, and you dont need to have any other lighting! For a welcoming and inviting entryway to your home, try stringing up solar rope lights around your front door.

Buying Solar Rope Lights What Users Hate About the Product

  • Dont work properly without enough sunlight
  • Initial cost

A couple of the issues with these types of lights are the initial cost since they are usually made with LED lights. LED lights are always more expensive than traditional lighting because of the process that is used to produce them.

Also, without the sun shining every day of the year, solar rope lights wont shine, either. This can cause quite a problem in areas where there isnt always a lot of sun and therefore these types of lights may not be a good purchase if you live in such an area.

Buying Solar Rope Lights Top Points to Keep in Mind

  • Think of where you want to put these lights
  • Do you live in a sunny enough area

Before purchasing your own solar rope lights, consider the location that you live in. Do you get a fair amount of sun most of the year. Or will there be a lot of owntime for your rope lights, and would that be ok with you (like during winter when snow is on the ground).

Also consider at the same time where you plan on placing your solar rope lights and if they would get enough sunlight there or not to make them worth the investment.

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