Tips on How to Install Rope Lighting

Rope Lighting

Rope Lighting

Lighting your home is really fun if you appropriately know how to install rope lighting. Installing rope lighting enhances and develops the decoration around your home and even your business for just a very few labor. Rope lights were known for being practical, versatile, and affordable quality of a lighting product in the market. Using LED rope lights can actually save energy and you can run it in longer lengths. Rope light installation might be exciting, but it sometimes requires a little work if you just know how to install rope lighting.

LED rope lights add ambiance to spaces in any household, and it can save more energy compared to green compact lights. But, do you know how to install rope lighting? Installing rope lights may not be easy for some, but all you need is a little knowledge on how to install rope lighting because it is very simple, especially when you have the basic tools.

Knowing the right and proper way on how to install LED rope lights is very important in order to avoid any hazards or liabilities at home or in your business.

The first thing that you have to do in installing rope lighting is to determine the space prior to purchasing the LED rope light to make sure that you bought the needed length. It is important for you to have a rope which will cover the space breadth. In doing this, it will be easier if you are going to get a long rope light for the whole space rather than a string with different smaller ropes.  Also, you have to make sure that the clips you are going to use were large enough to adapt the LED rope light’s diameter before you nail it; the thickness of the rope hinges on the model and brand. In nailing the cable clips, you should nail it before the installation place or are in standard intervals. You should leave some space in order to slide within the LED light rope prior to nailing it – unless, you will purchase the clips which still have a little space for the ropes even if you have fully nailed it. But it you want to hang the rope a bit, you have to leave lots of space amid every clip, probably about 8 inches away from each other.

Another thing that you should remember on how to install rope lighting is to hang it to the clips. In nailing the clips, it is advisable that you have to careful so that you will not inadvertently hit the lighting rope with the hammer. Cover the LED rope light’s parts which you don’t want to be illuminated using an electric tape. Doing this is very useful especially if you are going to snake the rope on the wall in order for you to go at the back of the picture frames or any piece of artwork. By means of covering the ropes that are exposed, this will allow exclusive back lighting. In order for you to blend tape on the wall, it is good if you will use a textured tape as well as paint tape after it has been attached to the rope.

One more important thing that you have to remember in installing the rope lighting is to plug the LED rope lighting to the standard outlet of electricity. There are several types of light rope where some of it has switches, while some of it just simply switches on when plugged in.

In cutting the rope lighting, you have to carefully cut it to the cutting mark which is the preferred length. In order to prevent short cutting, ensure that the copper wires of the rope is inside and it was cut neatly.  After cutting it, you have to cover the rope with the proper end cap. In connecting the cut pieces of the rope light, you have to make sure that easy splice connector was in the middle channel of the housing clamp, and lock the upper and lower parts of the housing clamp, and then fasten it tightly.

By following these guides or steps on how to install rope lighting, you will surely be able to install rope lighting properly. It is of paramount importance if you are going to follow the safety measures in order to avoid or prevent any liabilities. If you do not follow the appropriate way on how to install rope lighting, you might come out with just wasting the rope lighting you bought, as well as the time and effort you have exerted while installing it. Doing it may be easy, but it will definitely be great if you will read and learn the tips and guidelines installing it so that you have the assurance that you end up doing a great and beautiful rope lighting connection. Furthermore, if you are knowledgeable enough about the proper and safe way on how to install rope lighting, you will be able to save time.

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